• A closer look to Philippines’ in demand cosmetic surgery– Lipoplasty

    Lipoplasty, popularly known as Liposuction or Liposculpture, is a process of removing excess body fats mostly from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, armpits, chest area, chin and hips. There are three most common techniques for this process namely: superwet liposuction, ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty and Laser or SMART Liposuction. These techniques lead to the same results and only vary on the healing process and pain control. Lipoplasty may be a short or long process, depending on the amount of work done, and where the fat would be removed.

    Different types of people have different types of bodies. Some people have bodies, which burn fats faster than others. Other people gain weight faster than others also because of their metabolism. Our body fat deposits are affected by many factors, like the weather, hormonal changes and stress.

    After Lipoplasty, the patient may leave the hospital and go straight home or they may prefer to stay at the hospital to relax immediately after the surgery. To avoid the harm that everyone is afraid of you should find the best doctor who really knows how to do the procedure. There are a lot who say that they are the  best cosmetic surgeon here in the Philippines but you have to remember that there are only few of them know how to execute the procedure, so better be wise.

    This is why most people prefer undergoing Lipoplasty than other procedures. In Lipoplasty, the amount of fat present inside the body will be decreased and the shape of the body may also be controlled. There is no need for long and tiring hours at the treadmill or bland meals served every lunch or dinner just to avoid eating loads of food.

    In the Philippines, the number of cosmetic clinics offering Lipoplasty is increasing. According to statistics, the obesity level in our country is dramatically rising. Surveys also show that Filipinos prefer slimmer bodies, but are having difficulties finding the right regime for their weight problems. Despite of proper diet and exercise, which takes long to take effect, Filipinos are finding it hard to lose weight. These people find Lipoplasty as the fastest, and easiest way to get rid of unwanted fats in their bodies.

    One of the reasons why Lipoplasty is well-known in the Philippines is because of the popular cosmetic clinics, and celebrities that promote this process. Their advertisements provide viewers with results that encourage the public to avail their services because of the proven and effective results that would cater the public’s needs. These clinics present the before and after images of patients to convince the public that going under this procedure would assure fast and effective results.

    Another reason of its popularity is the availability of this procedure in the country. As mentioned earlier, numerous clinics in the Philippines are now offering this procedure. Before, Lipoplasty is expensive, but many middle class Filipinos may now avail this service through promotional offers.

    Lipoplasty in the Philippines is done mostly on women. Out of all the Lipoplasty patients in 2008, 89.62% of women underwent this procedure, while 10.38% were men. At present, more and more Filipinos are undergoing this procedure because of its popularity, affordability and availability in the Phillipines.