• Avoid the Trout Pout: The Best Options for Lip Enhancement

    Lips thin with age.

    People usually have an injection to increase the size and fullness of their lips. A good lip augmentation will improve and rejuvenate your facial contours, your plastic surgeon should know this principle.

    While lip augmentation is fast becoming popular, a poorly done procedure results to a “trout pout”. This is the effect of too much injection and disproportionate size, typically on the upper lip which is naturally smaller than the lower lip. However, there are several options for enhancing the lips and below are four procedures to achieve a fuller and more youthful-looking lips.

    Avoid the Trout Pout, choose the best lip enhancement for you.

    Fat Grafting

    This is done by transferring fat from one part of your body to your lips. This can either be an isolated procedure or in conjunction with another procedure. The advantage of this procedure is that, it is the patient’s own tissue so there is no risk of a late infection or extrusion which might occur with an implant.

    The con, however, is that the results are varied. Often, not all fats survive.  Some fats survive and remain in one area; others do not and just disappear. The result is uneven and lumpy lip. Another disadvantage is an ever-growing lip if the patient gains weight.

    Injectable Lip Fillers

    Hyaluronic acid is one example of very good lip “filler”. It gives the surgeon greater control which results in extremely little downtime for the patient as well as the possibility for reversibility. It provides greater predictability in the result because there is no inconsistency. It is also reversible, meaning, if the patient does not like the early result, the surgeon can easily dissolve the acid with an injection of hyaluronidase. Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers is another type of injectable filler and can be lasting and very difficult to remove.


    Strands of biocompatible materials can be threaded into the lips to boost their volume. Results are remarkable but often problematic. The disadvantage of implants is that, it has a significant incidence of infection and extrusion which often leads to deformation and scarring. They can sometimes be evident and obvious.

    Lip Lifts

    Lips also tend to sag as we age. This results to less upper tooth showing. The lip lift procedure engages removing a small strip of skin and tissue directly under the nose, promoting the lip and exposing more of the upper teeth. The “red lip” is turned outward with a lip lift making it fuller. The drawback though of this procedure is that, the resultant scar at the base of the nose.

    These procedures are not just widely popular in the United States, other countries, like the Philippines, is in the process of exploring this technology breakthrough.  Although, the Philippine plastic surgery industry is not as booming in other countries, it is slowly stepping up with world standards.

    Locally, more and more people are not just choosing cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appearance; but also for health reasons. Having a lip augmentation is not just to have youthful looking lips but as well as to improve self confidence and outlook in life.

    Rhinoplasty (nose job), breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction and now lip augmentation. People are now ready to face the world with a more pleasant appearance and high self-esteem.