• Body contouring 2012: The next big step for women

    Over the past decade, cosmetic procedures, surgical and non-invasive have offered countless women to virtually achieve every form of facial enhancement.

    The trend for this year focuses on body enhancement. In the past few years, researchers and doctors have developed new techniques to effectively remove localized fat, tighten skin body, improve cellulite and augment the buttocks. As of July 2012, here are the new ways to accomplish these “problems”.

    Removal of Localized Fat

    Liposuction is still the most effective way to do this but it has proven to have some disadvantages. The cons include small scars, irregularities and high cost. In 2010, CoolSculpting was approved as a substitute to liposuction for in the mid-abdomen and love handles.

    Its advantages include lower cost, no scars or irregularities and predictable results. However, compared to liposuction, its effect takes longer (up to 4 months) and removes only a part of the fat. However, slow may be better because it gives more time for the skin to adjust thus resulting to less sagging. It is most effective to mid-abdomen and love handles.

    Body/Skin Tightening

    The most effective way to achieve this is still through surgery (i.e. tummy tuck); but over the years, surgeons have been using Thermage with remarkable results.

    Treatment of Stretch Marks

    There is no easy way to remove those hideous stretch marks than through treatments. Usually, it takes five sessions with the Fraxel laser to achieve best results. The good side is, there is no downtime and lighter stretch marks respond positively by rearranging their collagen.

    Buttock Profiling

    Women with small buttocks need not to worry because with the development of the Permanent Filler Augmentation of the Buttocks (P-FAB) in 2008, they can now have bigger buttocks. P-FAB produces gradual natural looking permanent augmentation without dangerous silicone injections of deforming implants. Surgeons use FDA approved lasting fillers which are used in a proprietary admixture.

    Cellulite Treatment

    Severe cellulite can now be treated with the combination of ultra-sound and Cellucision (SM). Cellucision (SM) is a procedure wherein the fibrous bands are cut using a very tiny needle or blade.

    These newest techniques and development in cosmetic surgery is exciting news for women. The Philippine plastic surgery industry is not one to shy away from all these. Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona of the Philippine Cosmetic Plastic Surgery recently acquired the license to utilize these techniques in his clinics so expect more satisfying experience the next time you visit him.