• Breast Nipple Reduction Philippines or Areolar Reduction Procedure

    Breast Nipple Reduction or reolar Reduction

    Nipple Reduction Surgery

    Nipple reduction, also referred to as areolar reduction, is a cosmetic procedure that reduces nipple size with minimal invasiveness. Compared with other forms of surgery, the recovery time is much shorter than usual—and it’s an out patient procedure. This means an overnight stay isn’t necessary after surgery, and, as an added result, scarring isn’t much of an issue after surgery, either.

    Ideal candidates for Nipple Reduction Surgery

    Candidates for areolar reduction have probably thought about having the procedure done for years—and since it’s not a well-known procedure; it’s sought after only a consultation. So, yes, there is an option out there for any female that isn’t satisfied with the shape or size of either nipple. And, when compared with other forms of breast surgery and augmentation, areolar reduction is probably the safest.

    Possible risks and complications

    There are going to be risks with any surgery, no matter how small. Any time you’re going under the knife, complications have to be considered, and with plastic surgery, most patients are worried about not being satisfied with the final result. For those who don’t like how the operation turned out, additional work can always be done—and the true impact of the surgery can’t be seen until a full recovery has been made.

    The Procedure

    By tightening and removing areolar skin, any surgeon can reform and reshape one or both nipples. In this case, it’s a reduction, and that means the sizes can be drastically reduced—or shaped to the patient’s specifications. Surgery time is relatively short, especially when compared with other forms of plastic surgery.

    The Recovery Process and Your New Look

    As far as recovery goes, breast nipple reduction shouldn’t have much of an impact within the following days of surgery. Any patient can return to work, and do just about everything else, as long as they take it easy. Medication for pain can be prescribed, as swelling and soreness will follow immediately after surgery, although any soreness and swelling will subside in a matter of days.