• Buttocks Enhancement

    Buttocks Enlargement


    Enhancing the buttocks is no easy task, but it’s an increasingly common cosmetic operation that many women turn to. Generally, most men don’t look towards getting a buttock enlargement procedure done, but plenty of buttock enhancement surgeries are preformed on transgendered individuals. The procedure is simple and usually consists of inserting gluteal implants that contour the shape and feel of the buttocks.


    Ideal candidates for Buttocks Enlargement Surgery


    Almost anyone is a candidate for buttocks enlargement or enhancement, but it’s mostly for women or men who aren’t satisfied with the way their behind looks. Specifically, if the patient doesn’t have much of a shape in their behind, a buttock enlargement can work wonders—and if you don’t believe it, go ahead and look up before and after photos.


    Possible risks and complications


    Of course, any potential patients should consider the risks and complications they might face after the procedure. Even though buttock enhancement surgery is an out patient procedure, it’s still surgery, and should be taken seriously. Consult your surgeon for a full list of possible risks, but remember that the biggest risk any patient takes is not being satisfied with the end result of the surgery; so it’s important to be completely sure that you want the procedure done in the first place.


    The Procedure


    As previously stated, a buttock enhancement or enlargement is done by inserting implants into both buttocks—and, even further, hip implants. These implants define and outline a greater shape that can’t be achieved without surgery, while looking and feeling great. These implants won’t leak, either, like some breast implants can.


    The Recovery Process and Your New Look


    Recovery times for these types of procedures can be complicated. Swelling and soreness can persist for a few days up to a few weeks, but the worst part of recovery following this type of procedure is the fact that the patient won’t be able to sit down comfortably. Walking, bending over, and even lying down can all be difficult after a buttocks enlargement procedure—but the results, as any satisfied patient will tell you, are well worth it.