• Considering a NoseLift

    Noselift surgeries are among the common and widely applied procedure in the beauty enhancement field. At present it is the most popular. Here in the Philippines, a number of people would like to enhance their nose. On the contrary, due to its popularity there are also a lot of myths that surround nose lifting procedures.

    Here are some of the myths regarding noselift.

    There are some beliefs that the materials used for nose lift procedures are made of household stuffs. For example, the use of plastic in the procedure is not coming from the usual plastics that we have at home. The plastic or what we call silicon which is used in the implants are made form medical grade rubber and silicon. These are shaped according to the needs of the patient. Sometimes some surgeons would use a mold of a face that will serve it as a guide.

    Another myth about nose ift is that plastic surgeons can create different designs of nose that the patients wish to have. Oftentimes, patients will insist on having a kind of nose that resembles the nose of their favorite celebrity. What the patients fail to understand is that plastic surgeons are just improving or enhancing what is already in your facial structure.

    Furthermore, patients believe that those who have gone   to a noselift surgery are afraid of having their implants to be misplaced. Since the material implanted on the nose is tender, patients believe that there is a tendency that it will be dislocated. This belief is not true unless you have let an unskilled surgeon do your nose job. Only a skilled surgeon can assure a quality nose job. The positioning of the silicone depends on how the surgeon placed, shaped and formed it in your nose. You don’t have to worry if you have gotten a skilled and credible surgeon.

    To avoid problems in having a nose job, remember that you should only let a reputable and credible surgeon do your nose job.  The Philippine Cosmetic surgery strongly recommends that patients should consult certified plastic surgeons. Since life is at stake with these procedures, you should only entrust your life to a surgeon who will bring good and quality results.

    Of course, having a cosmetic plastic surgery is a great decision to make. You should be careful on the decisions that you are making since any wrong move will lead to disaster. Find time to choose a plastic surgery clinic that guarantees quality medical standards. Lastly, only choose a genuine plastic surgeon that is skilled and experienced in the field of beauty enhancements.