• Cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines speaks up

    cosmetic surgery- breast enhancement

    Many people will really appreciate themselves if they have the perfect pair of breast. For them its too demeaning id they do not have the ‘ideal’ breast that can make them look more enticing and beautiful.

    Well, since this became a norm in the society, as much as many people want this to be taken away, they could not, because this has gone through a lot of process that it cannot be taken away easily.  So people tend to go with the flow and let the new technology bring them to the happiness that they are wanting for so long.

    We do have our intentions and our purpose, but still, we have to be aware of some facts that this technology will not be that easy and might also give us some ill-effect. Breast enhancement specifically will not be as simple as everyone looks at it, it’s not like going to the supermarket to avail a pair of boob, it has a process and if this process will not be adhered you have to be ready with its disadvantages. That is why Philippine cosmetic surgery is given enough emphasis by the authority because a wrong practice will lead to a great danger.

    As a standard operating procedure, cosmetic surgeons specifically in the Philippines remind patients who go through breast enhancement procedure  that sensory changes may occur in the nipples or outer breasts.   Moreover, patients with a very small volume of breast tissue or thin skin before surgery may notice visible wrinkling or rippling of the implants, especially saline, and more commonly when larger size implants are chosen.

    Another reminder given to them  is that there may be delayed wound healing for patients with diabetes, a history of radiation, autoimmune disease, or for smokers.  Surgical scars could be unsightly and it is crucial to through a thorough medical evaluation before the surgery in order to avoid these problems.

    Breast augmentation or enhancement may not be a one-time surgery.  Most likely, additional surgeries and doctor visits will be necessary over the course of your lifetime to maintain the appearance of your breasts after the procedure.  This could be because of problems related to the implants themselves, like deflation, capsular contracture, rupture, etc., or because of aging changes, like pregnancies, weight gain, loss of breast tissue, etc., that affect the appearance of the breasts over time

    Cosmetic surgeons in Philippines prefers implants made of silicon since the FDA determined that they are safe for use.

    The augmentation implant could be inserted above or below the chest muscles.  Most Philippine cosmetic surgeons prefer the below position because there is less chance of feeling the implant, less chance of developing irregular folds or bumps on the surface of the breast and the implant is less likely to drop. This type of plastic surgery technique is suitable for women with relatively little extra skin and less fallen breasts.

    Implants that are made of silicon are being widely used by most plastic surgeons in Philippines since the FDA determined that they safe for use. These augmentation implants come in two shapes: round and pear shape also called “anatomic implants” because their shape resembles the natural contour of the breast and are more expensive and require larger excision during the breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure.