• Cosmetic surgeries got ill-effects, you have to choose wisely!

    cosmetic surgery- be wise in choosing

    Breast Enhancement or Augmentation Mammaplasty is one of the most popular surgical procedures requested by women of all ages that involve the placement of an implant behind the breast tissue of each breast or the underlying chest wall muscle.  It gives patients a larger, fuller figure that they desire boosting their self confidence.

    Just like any other operation though, it has potential complications, like adverse reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, poor healing of the surgical scar and pain. Many Philippine cosmetic surgeon could attest to these adverse effects but they want to remind everybody that the effect will not took place if the procedure is done the it should be done or the proper way of doing the surgery.

    However, for people to be guided, these effects we’re listed in order for the them to be aware and for them to realize that going to the right doctor and clinic is very important because their health might be at risk if they are not wise in choosing.

    According to Philippine cosmetic surgery alliances, formation of a seroma or post operative bleeding is one common effect that patient should always look into whenever they undergo such procedure. This is characterized as the collection of the watery portion of the blood around the implant, may require re-operation and drainage, and may be associated with an increased incidence of infection or capsular contracture.

    Another, an infection of a breast implant (although this be very rare) may occur that will require the removal of the implant for up to several months until the infection is completely cleared, and only then can the implant be re-inserted.

    After the surgery, a fibrous tissue capsule forms around a breast implant as the body’s normal response to the placement of a foreign object in the soft tissue.  The process of the gradual but aggressive shrinkage of this tissue capsule surrounding the implant is called capsular contracture.

    Capsular contracture is usually progressive, worsening with time, over the course of several months to years that causes the breast and implant to feel unnaturally firm and often times painful. This may result in asymmetry of the breasts and severity of this condition varies with each individual. On top, asymmetry may also occur as a result of unexpected problems with early healing after implant placement.

    These are just few of its ill effect but if you choose right and wisely you should not be afraid with these effects. Ask a credible doctor whenever you feel undergoing to such procedure. Goodluck!