• Cosmetic Surgery for Teenagers: An emerging trend in the Philippines

    The last couple of years saw an upward trend in cosmetic surgery for teenagers. Although a lot of people think that it’s still taboo, there are some who are open-minded enough to consider it for their children.

    In the Philippines, generally, cosmetic surgery is not an open topic among friends so just imagine the situation for teenagers. But, the number of teenagers who undergo the knife is rising and they do it mostly for health reasons.

    Considering that it is a conservative country, mothers would want to preserve how their children look and does not want to go against nature’s way. But, there are some situations wherein a cosmetic surgery is the only way, not only to become more presentable but also, to correct any physical malformations.

    Unwritten Law

    There is an unwritten law for most Philippine plastic surgeon that as much as possible, they will not operate teenagers that are below 18 years old. But, there are still discretions. Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona personally believes that “even though my patients are 18 years old, I still ask them if they are psychologically ready for the risks involved pre and post operation. I tell them that it is not the solution if they are feeling insecure or that they do not have friends because of how they look”. There were even times when he tell his teenager clients to come back only when they are truly ready.

    The Most Common Procedures

    Even though he sometimes turns down teenage clients, there are some that he just can’t say no. These situations are justified because it is for health reasons.

    The most common procedures are done for deformities brought about by congenital malformation such as cleft lip or palate; or due to trauma such as car accidents or burns.

    Rhinoplasty is also popular procedure in Dr. Magallona’s clinic; he says that most of his teenage clients do it to correct their breathing. The physical improvement is just the secondary benefit.

    Moreover, the most popular non-invasive procedure are chemical peel, dermabrasion and scar revision.

    Find only the Best Doctor

    Dr. Magallona advice prospective cosmetic surgery patients to always look for three things when looking for a surgeon: Is the doctor board certified? How long has he been in practice? Do you have before and after photos of your previous patients?

    He said that results vary for each patient because body composition is unique for everyone. A good doctor must be able to tailor-fit a pre and post operation regimen for a patient to achieve good results in the shortest period of time.

    Cosmetic surgery is not the only solution for any physical and psychological problem that teenagers might encounter. It should be done only if it is necessary or needed; otherwise, steady encouragement from family and friends is teenager’s best weapon.