• Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines, One of the leading industries to note

    Philippines is one of those countries who truly believe in the power of cosmetic surgery. We believe that beauty can be achieved through needles and machines and with the help of an expert, the cosmetic surgeon.

    Popularly known in the Philippines as ‘retoke’, cosmetic surgery has become the major consideration in modifying or enhancing one’s appearance.  It is an acceptable practice here in the country the option of going under an operation to look good and to feel better. Cosmetic surgery which is very much common for women can be seen now as the top solution in achieving beauty and sexy figure.

    The most common cosmetic surgery services in the Philippines are liposuction, because Filipinas want to be slim and sexy and for them to achieve this sexiness they should get rid of those stubborn fats in their bellies, arms, legs and other parts that are prone to unhealthy fats, and rhinoplasty or the very famous nose job, because we believe that having a high nose like the Americans and other western people will uplift the beauty that we want and we are longing for to have.

    These two cosmetic surgery services are usually the expertise of many Filipino cosmetic doctors for the purpose of satisfying the demands of their clients. They usually go to other countries just to study and become a specialist. They wanted to be the best in the field and be called as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines.

    With this credibility that Philippine surgeons had established, more and more clients are willing to be needled down in the operating rooms having a great hope that whatever they have will be enhanced beautifully.

    However, there are still many questions left unanswered, why do most women want to undergo surgery? What are these reasons that most women have to finally arrive to a conclusion, “I want this surgery!”

    Psychologists say that people now a day are over-exposed to celebrities, supermodels, and fashion and are very much influenced at what the media dictates as beautiful. People are convinced that you are not thin enough, your nose is not high enough, there’s something wrong with your shoulder blades. We are so influenced by the beautiful faces and bodies, which we try to emulate in an attempt to complete the missing part some of us have.

    Aside from overexposure to seemingly impossible to achieve standards of beauty, people are driven to undergo cosmetic surgery because they suffer from low self-esteem, body image depression, and too much insecurity. People think that there is something wrong with them. They are often unaware of the fact that other people are leading far worse lives than they do. Those who have been called fat and ugly suffer from an emotional trauma that may lead to desperation and seek the quick remedy of surgery.

    Aside for from some emotional reasons, people choose cosmetic surgery because of a birth defect or an accident. Some are simply unluckily born with the lips or teeth unsightly positioned.

    No matter what reason may be, cosmetic surgery is not something that is to be entered into lightly. It requires a long though process, search for a good and creditable practitioner; support from loved ones and of course, a lot of money.