• Cosmetic Surgery Services: Medical procedure for Filipino People

    There are many things to know when we talk about cosmetic surgery. This has become a wide range of knowledge that tells different and many things. However, there is a consistent occurring perception when we talk about this specific procedure, that is, cosmetic surgeries are for those who wanted enhancement or changes on their physical looks, nothing more, nothing less. This only tells us that this procedure is for those who are vain and not contented with what they have.

    With this consistent perception of many of us, some became hesitant to undergo surgery even if they really need it. Like for instance, a person with deformed facial structure. For her to become a normal person and to boost her inner strength the best option is to undergo this procedure for possible revamp or reconstruction. But since people see this as too negative, that person in our example won’t dive in to this opportunity because she don’t want to be tagged as insecure or what so ever. This is the sad part of this kind of society.

    That is why I am happy with those people who are not afraid to look good using this technology. They didn’t mind people who tagged and saying unpleasant things. What is important for them is to live like a normal being and be proud of who they are. Since this has become a budding technology here in our country, I decided to tackle more about this medical procedure for the Filipino to gain more knowledge on cosmetic surgery as a whole. I also included specific procedures that are seen to achieve success, so far, in our country.

    Cosmetic Surgery Services and Reconstructive Plastic surgery are two branches of plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery improves the appearance of a person, the reconstructive surgery improves the function. There are records of cosmetic surgery dating back to thousands of years and according to a recent online survey, it was found that Tummy Tuck also known as Abdominoplasty and Liposuction occupied the top two positions in the cosmetic surgery wish list, but of course, price was an important factor.

    Abdominoplasty is the removal of excess fat and skin from the abdomen area, which causes the abdomen muscles to tighten and Liposuction is the suction of excess fat from the thighs, buttocks, hips, neck, abdomen, chin etc through a stainless steel suction tube called cannula. A recent article points out that fat melting injections known as lipodissolve and Mesotherapy, which are being advertised as non-surgical alternatives to liposuction are harmful and not approved by the FDA.

    Another popular surgery which is gaining importance these days is face lift, which is a surgery performed to improve the appearance of the facial structure. People today, especially celebrities opt for plastic surgery, if they desire to change their appearance. Plastic surgery can make a person look more beautiful and can make women look young, by getting rid of wrinkles and sexually attractive. Today, with people giving more importance to their appearance and looks, plastic surgery has gained so much importance in recent years.