• Creating The Best Filipino Nose through Nose lift

    Western’s medical industry is a bit different when it comes to Asian countries. There are many things that are not usually practice in most of the Asian countries that Westerns do patronize, vice versa. Asians are fond of alternative medicines which they believe can really cure a disease or illness while Westerns do not really believe in it, they’d rather spend an amount for a medically proven drugs than to take any chances in using these herbal medicines.

    However, there is one thing that makes the medical industry of these two regions synonymous. Cosmetic surgery is not only popular in Western countries, Asian countries is now on its height in offering different cosmetic and surgical procedures. Many Asian countries like the Philippines, are specializing in surgery to open its doors in many of the local clients who cannot afford to go abroad for their specific surgical needs.

    Today, cosmetic surgery in many Asian countries is recognized by the whole world. Philippines made its dent in the industry through many specialists who conducted a lot of successful procedures for both local and international clients. Medical tourism in country continues to grow as cosmetic surgery continue flourish.

    For the next coming years this industry is seen to grow bigger and bigger through establishments of more clinics and centers within the country and creation of many connections outside the country.

    There are many cosmetic procedures that made the locals enticed to grab one. Some of the popular procedures that contributed to the big leap of the industry are the following: nose lift, liposuction and breast enhancement. The popularity of these three procedures can be attributed to the patronage of many celebrities and elites in the country. People who can afford the surgery were convinced that cosmetic surgery is effective and can make them beautiful and a better person.

    Let’s focus on the most popular procedure which is the nose lift.  How did the procedure became known here in the country? And why Asians, specifically Filipinos, like having the procedure? Let’s try to find out.

    Nose lift Philippines was introduced in the country by western practitioners. However, it is proven that before nose lift was introduced in the Philippines as well as in the rest of Asia, it was already practiced in an Asian country. India was said to be the first country that practiced reconstructive surgery, in which nose lift was one of the most widely performed.

    It was only introduced in the West when British practitioners travelled to India to study this specific reconstructive surgery. And from there, the practice was improved and was later re-introduced in Asia.

    The Philippines was one of the many countries in Asia in which nose lift was introduced. Many medical groups in the Philippines became renowned for their nose lift services which gave many Filipinos the hope in changing and improving their facial appearance.

    The difference, however, between nose lift in the west and in Asia is with its procedures. Because many Asians, particularly Filipinos, require a nose which is narrower, and with elevated nose-bridge, nose lift Philippines involves several implants. Popular implants include Med-Por, Silicone, and Gore-Tex. Autologous skin graphs can also be used as implants which can be safer compared to those materials.