• Daneiel G., California, U.S.A./Saudi Arabia

    I decided on Dr. Edwin Magallona after two and a half years of an international
    search for that perfect cosmetic surgeon.  My search demanded high standards in
    expertise, customer satisfaction, background investigation, support staff,
    emergency procedure’s, international travel to office (reasonable distance from
    airport), Pre/Post surgery and recovery accommodations.  If I felt the doctor
    didn’t meet my standards in any way I instantly cut-off correspondence and
    deleted him/her from my list.  Ultimately my list came down to four
    international doctors.
    The cost of surgery did influence my decision but only after all other
    standards had been met.  The great thing was when I decided on Dr. Magallona all
    finance exchanges were handled as smoothly as possible.  The financial phase of
    dealing with Dr. Magallona only made me more comfortable with my final
    selection.  In my opinion selecting Dr. Edwin Magallona would be a wise
    I’m an American working in the Middle East at present.  Till this surgery I’ve
    only had cosmetic surgery done in the United States.  I had my first cosmetic
    surgery done by Dr. Meland at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.  When
    Dr. Meland left Mayo Clinic to open his private practice he performed my second
    cosmetic surgery.  If you don’t know, the Mayo clinic is world renown for the
    best in medical care.  Mayo Clinic is the hospital of choice by royalty,
    political leaders and the wealthy worldwide.
    After talking about cosmetic surgery to doctors and nurses practicing here
    from South Africa, England, India and the Philippines I decided to research
    cosmetic surgery outside of the United States.  During a vacation I went to Dr.
    Meland and he agreed that some international doctors are highly qualified to
    perform the surgery I wanted.  I wanted a mid and lower facelift, nose
    alterations, lower face and neck liposuction, upper and lower eyelid
    alterations, fraxel laser on my forehead and hands.
    Since I’m working in the Middle East I was able to open my search area to
    Europe, Africa and Asia.  Still, I knew if I couldn’t find an acceptable doctor
    I would return to Dr. Meland in the United States.  Because I had Dr. Meland as
    my alternate I decided to also look into Central and Southern America.
    My research standards required the doctor’s expertise to be recognized by a
    board certified in plastic surgery.  The doctor’s expertise had to be recognized
    by his colleagues as well as his prior patients.
    My research standards required all the prior patients contacted were satisfied
    with the surgery.  Every prior patient had to answer yes to my question if they
    would recommend the doctor to their parents and/or children.  Some prior
    patients weren’t to happy with their parents or children so another acceptable
    answer was if they would recommend the doctor to their friends.
    My research standard required the doctor not have any complaints filed.  This
    was researched at all available levels to include the civil (court), internet
    and medical board.  I also had a criminal investigation completed by a local
    detective on my final four candidates.  It worked out I was able to talk to Dr.
    Magallona’s mother in southern California.  I took the opportunity to ask
    personal questions about Dr. Magallona.  At this stage I was setting up a
    deposit for my surgery so my questions were more to verify what I already knew
    through my research.
    My research standard required the anesthesiologist and internal medicine
    doctor not have any complaints filed.  This research was done to the civil,
    internet and medical board level.
    My research standard required emergency staff and equipment available should a
    catastrophic event take place.  My concerns were an event such as my heart,
    lungs or other vital organ failing during surgery.  I wanted an expert in the
    field of the failed organ to be available in a well-respected hospital.  Because
    of this standard I wanted my surgery to be done in a nearby hospital.
    I waived this standard after an inspection of the surgical facilities and
    getting to know the staff.  Dr. Mary Jeanne Vera the anesthesiologist is
    awesome!  Through Dr. Vera’s in-dept questioning (ultimate professionalism),
    fantastic beside manner and above all no complications during or after surgery
    I’d rate her as the best anesthesiologist I have ever had.  Dr. Jess Garcia the
    internist is a little serious at first but does warm-up.  I had all my tests
    done before I arrived so Dr. Garcia verified everything and approved the
    surgery.  Danilo the main pre/post surgery nurse (goes by Dan) is awesome!  Dan
    was the one that was with me on surgery day from Dr. Magallona’s office and well
    into recovery at Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center.  All other nurses at
    Dr. Magallona’s offices are skilled professionals with extra emphasis on their
    My research standard for the doctor’s location was met because Dr. Magallona’s
    office is about 45 minutes from the Manila international airport.  I had a
    caregiver (Jenny Dela Torre) meet me at the airport and we took a cab to Dr.
    Magallona’s office.
    My research standard for post surgery was met with the hospital stay after my
    surgery.  I extended my hospital stay 3 days and highly recommend you do the
    same.  I had a large private room, which my caregiver stayed with me for the
    entire time.  I highly recommend Jenny Dela Torre as a caregiver for your stay
    also.  Ask Dr. Magallona about Jenny Dela Torre and I’m sure he will give you
    her contact information.
    My pre-surgery and recovery accommodations standard was met by Lancaster
    Suites, which is about 300 yards away from Dr. Edwin’s offices.  Lancaster
    Suites isn’t the best accommodations I’ve been in but it is better then
    average.  I’d rate it as a solid 3 star or weak 4 star hotel.  The hotel staff
    was excellent and went out of their way to help in any way possible.  The room
    was clean, modern and well furnished complete with a kitchen area.  While I was
    there Lancaster Suites was still under construction so at times it was noisy and
    dusty during the day.  I would have given Lancaster Suites higher marks except
    for the construction, which was a daily part of my stay.
    When Lancaster Suites is completed I would stay there again.  I didn’t see any
    accommodations better then Lancaster Suites in the immediate area.  Shangri La
    Hotel may give you better access to SM Megamall and Shangri La Super Mall but
    the hotel rooms aren’t better.  I’d say the rooms at Shangri La hotel are only
    different then Lancaster Suites, so it’s up to your interior design tastes as to
    which hotel you select.
    Going to Dr. Edwin is a choice I have absolutely no regrets about.  Every
    phase of my visit was as expected or better.  As you may be able to tell, I’m an
    organized person and I like things to go as smoothly as possible.
    Dr. Edwin went out of his way to help in any way possible.  He give me a ride
    to my hotel after a check-up because I was his last patient that day (ask to be
    his last person of the day and he may give you a ride too).  His check-up visits
    after the surgery at my hotel room ended up being more like a friend coming over
    for a visit.
    There are two plastic surgeons in the world I would recommend.  They are Dr.
    Meland in Scottsdale Arizona and Dr. Magallona in Mandaluyong City,
    Philippines.  They are both great!
    Sincerely, Daniel G. USA