• Esther M., Nevada, U.S.A.

    Great sufficiency of praise and  much satisfaction for Dr. Magallona


    I am a retired Pharmacist from the USA. When I was working, vacation was a big
    deal for me. Leisure was the best time for me to do something useful for myself.
    Traveling was my priority but beauty enhancement was always on my mind.
    Unfortunately, I did not have much time to do the latter, not until now that I
    am retired at age 64. My family and  friends said, I now  look twenty years
    younger and that makes me feel so good.

    So what signifies wishing and hoping for better times. We may make these times
    better if we can stir up ourselves to action. Regardless of our age, the rest of
    your life can be the best of your life but never fail to remember that time lost
    is never found.

    I believe that the best way to share good experiences is to pass it on to
    others. I must have been too much gratified that I wanted to openly thank my
    very good plastic surgeon, Dr. Edwin Magallona for his kindness and patience but
    not to leave out his professionalism as well as his friendly and knowledgeable
    staff.I am very comfortable and confident with him so much so that communicating
    with him through email after surgery was never a problem and that is something
    very important to me. What he did for me is definitely a praiseworthy

    I concluded at length that the people I know were the best judges of my doctor’s
    merit for their great sufficiency of praise gave me so much satisfaction…..