• How to do the Rice Test for your Breast Implant Size

    More than half of all breast revision surgeries are performed just to change the implant size. If you are considering having a breast augmentation, choosing the correct size for your implants is an important decision.

    Breast implant volume is measured in “ccs” (cubic centimeters”) and a size C for someone may be a size B for another person. Breast implant sizes are hard to gauge based on photos alone but fortunately, if you want to have a rough idea of how you want your implants will look like; you could try the simple rice test.

    Here is a simple DIY if you want to feel your desired breast implant size.

    The reason why this test is so popular is because you can do it at home. This gives you the freedom to take as long as you like to experiment with different sizes. Beware though that this does not give you an exact size for your implants but it can be a good starting place.

    What you will need:

    • A comfortable sports bra ( with a separate cup rather than one that just has a single band of fabric across the front)
    • Several cups of uncooked rice
    • Knee high stockings or pantyhose cut off at the knee.


    • Make your “shell”. Cut a 12-inch length of the stockings (use the foot portion or the leg portion and tie it off at one end)
    • Measure the rice. There are different versions of the test that use different measurement but because of the ways implants are sized, it can be difficult to get an accurate measurement; but for a more accurate measurement, use this guideline.

    Amount of Rice

    Implant Volume Simulated
    (cubic centimeters)

    0.53 cup

    125 cc

    0.63 cup

    150 cc

    0.74 cup

    175 cc

    0.85 cup

    200 cc

    0.95 cup

    225 cc

    1.06 cups

    250 cc

    1.16 cups

    275 cc

    1.27 cups

    300 cc

    1.37 cups

    325 cc

    1.48 cups

    350 cc

    1.59 cups

    375 cc

    1.8 cups

    425 cc

    2.01 cups

    475 cc

    2.22 cups

    525 cc

    2.43 cups

    575 cc

    2.64 cups

    625 cc

    2.96 cups

    700 cc


    • Fill your new “implant”. Now, fill your stocking with the amount of rice you have chosen. Tie off the other end of the stocking.
    • Try it out. Place the sealed bags full of rice into your sports bra and wear them every day while you are engaged in your usual activities. Pay attention to how they look and feel.
    • Change it up. If you don’t like how you feel and look, dump out the rice, re-measure and change the new amount.

    Ask your plastic surgeon about the rice test before your breast augmentation procedure.

    This test is unscientific test and no medical groups endorse it, rather, this is just a rough guideline on how your implants will look like. You still need to consult an expert cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines to get the exact size for your implants. But, this test has helped countless women to decide about their breast implant size. But, you should also consult your surgeon if he recommends this test or other methods to help with your decision.