• Latest Plastic Surgery Procedures to Make Men Manlier

    There is a pressure for men to look their best especially if the industry that they belong to involves physical grooming like Public Relations and show business.

    In the Philippines, there are many young celebrities who undergo minimal non-invasive procedures while they still choose to have their washboard abs the old way—religious workout and nutritionist-planned diet.

    The pressure in Bollywood and Hollywood is twice as much in the Philippines that is why many international celebrities depend on a faster and cheaper way to attain a god-like physique. Now enter plastic surgery. Although it is already a common practice in many parts of the world, few men celebrities admit that they had a nip and tuck to maintain their reputation.

    But, if ever they choose to have “instant” six-pack, here are the latest plastic surgery procedures to make men manlier.

    These are just some of the latest plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that will make men sexier. Photo from Google.

    Chest Implant

    This is commonly referred to breast implants for men and basically, it improves the appearance, size and muscular definition of the pectoralis major—a thick fan-shaped muscles that sits at the chest. The difference between a breast implant and a pectoral procedure is its size. The average measure of breast implants for women is 250cc to 375cc making it more fuller and rounder while pectoral implants are squarish and firm and its usual measurement is around 150cc to 235cc. They are places just above the nipples and the recovery period is between two to three weeks.

    Calf Implant

    David Beckham’s calves are one of the most coveted in the world so it’s no wonder that men around the world reference him. This procedure constructs cosmetic fullness in the lower leg that can’t be achieved through gym and exercise.

    Men get calf implants for variety of reasons including genetic and cosmetic. Often, they can dramatically increase your self-confidence (correction of “chicken legs”, clubfoot, etc.). This procedure is performed only by a select few of plastic surgeons who have done thousands of these procedures to perfect sculpting and to make sure that the solid silicone implants are properly placed.

    Testicular Implant

    Although testicular implants have been around the block for some time, not a lot of men have undergone this procedure. But, don’t be fooled that is done only for aesthetics purposes—there are actually a small population of men who do this for medical reasons. These reasons include undescended testicles, males with torsion of a testicle or testicles, traumatic injury to a testicle and following a testicular cancer. The most common complication is infection, hematoma and poor healing.

    These procedures are done in many parts of the world but the most important thing to consider before dabbling in these procedures is to consult first a board-certified and qualified plastic surgeon.