• Let’s Hear About Otoplasty

    You have probably perused a lot of articles in order to understand further what an otoplasty is or how you can get out of the so-called “Dumbo” shadow. Well, to start off, this article is meant to introduce you to this ear-reshaping surgery. Let’s start, shall we?

    First off, why do you need otoplasty?

    It is not a rare occurrence for a person to have congenitally prominent ears. Some consider this as a cosmetic deformity that affects people especially children emotionally. There is no easier way to shield kids from getting bullied or even for grown ups to feel conscious with these ears that easily stand out.


    So what is otoplasty for?

    This is why surgical procedures are designed to give the ears a more natural appearance. Otoplasty comes in as a procedure that reshapes the outer ear that can either be cosmetic or reconstructive in nature. This could help you boost your self confidence, or help make your ears look better after an unsatisfying previous ear surgery or congenital condition.

    What are your choices?

    If you have prominent ears and want to reshape them, you can contact an otoplastic surgeon for a consultation. You may also reach out to a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Philippines to perform the surgery.

    If your surgeon declares you as fit candidate for surgery, he or she may do these main techniques:

    ·         Ear splinting

    Using a splint to keep the ear in the new position after resetting the soft cartilage, and is normally use to treat babies under 6 months old

    ·         Otoplasty or pinnaplasty

    Simply pinning back the ears closer to the head where the cartilage is reshaped to make missing folds

    Do you have any cosmetic surgery inquiries? Or concerns regarding otoplasty? You may contact Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona for his expert advice.