• Lower Blepharoplasty

    Eye Bag Removal Surgery


    Lower blepharoplasty can be a mouthful to say, and that is why it’s more commonly called eye bag removal. It’s a simple cosmetic procedure that can take away years from any set of eyes. If you’ve ever had puffy eyes, or if you always look tired, this is a great operation to consider. And, since it’s a little bit more complicated than typical plastic surgery, it usually denotes an overnight stay.


    Ideal candidates for Eye Bag Removal Surgery


    Anyone that has a constantly tired or puffy look to his or her eyelids is a great candidate for eye bag removal surgery. While there are lots of “natural” remedies for getting rid of puffiness and baggy eyes, none of them work as well as lower blepharoplasty—and that’s because it’s instant and effective.


    Possible risks and complications


    However, since this surgery is performed on delicate area of skin—next to very delicate organs, your eyes, it’s important to weigh the risks associated with the procedures. Complications can arise with patients, but since the surgery requires an overnight stay, it’s nothing to worry about, and remember that you can always talk about the procedure and complications with your surgeon.


    The Procedure


    By removing excess tissue—the tissue that gives patients a puffy, baggy-eyed look—the procedure isn’t simple. Like we said before, the skin below and above your eyes is some of the most sensitive skin found on the body, and that makes surgery lengthy. Lower blepharoplasty can take hours, but it’s well worth the wait.


    The Recovery Process and Your New Look


    Recovery time, on the other hand, can vary from patient to patient—but all results look amazing. Depending on how much tissue was removed, recovery time can be simple—or it can take months. Either way, redness, soreness, and swelling are expected immediately after surgery. But, on average, these symptoms should go away within a week. The results of the surgery may not be immediately apparent, but after a quick recovery, any patient should be able to see the results.