• Malar Augmentation

    Cheek Enhancement


    Malar augmentation, more commonly called cheek enhancement, is a great way to improve the shape and contour of your face and profile. If you’ve always wanted to have defined cheekbones, that look can be easily achieved with a malar augmentation procedure. So, for those of us with flat cheeks, a cheek enhancement is a great solution. The surgeon makes a small incision in the inside of the mouth, and inserts an implant that rests just below the cheekbone.


    Ideal candidates for Cheek Enhancement Surgery


    Anyone that isn’t satisfied with his or her facial structure is a great candidate for malar augmentation. In fact, it’s a great procedure for anyone that wants to add a defined, feminine shape to the cheekbones. Of course, only those who are healthy enough for surgery should go through with the procedure—and it’s always a good idea to consult a physician.


    Possible risks and complications


    Like any other surgery, complications and risks should be talked about with the surgeon before the patient goes under. Besides not liking the results of the procedure, there aren’t many other risks besides those that have to be considered with any surgery. Cheek enhancement is an out patient procedure, after all, and that means the risks aren’t great at all.


    The Procedure


    The procedure starts with the surgeon making an incision on the inside of the patient’s cheek. Then, an implant that will define the look the patient wants is inserted—and it’s placed just below the cheekbone. Once both implants are in place, the procedure is done with, and the patient will only have to wait a few weeks to see the full results.


    The Recovery Process and Your New Look


    Recovery time is always heard to gauge, but with a short procedure like this, it should be relatively short. Soreness and swelling should subside within a few days, and a few weeks beyond that, the results of the procedure should look great.


    A full recovery can take up to a month, because, after all, it’s a surgical procedure—and your doctor will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to taking it easy on your newly defined cheeks.