• Male Mastectomy: Hope for men with feminine-looking chests

    Taken from The New You March Issue

    Mae Mastectomy - The New You

    Having a chiseled chest (think: Derek Ramsay) is a hallmark of beauty for men: it means being able to wear fitted clothes or walk around shirtless along the beach with pride. Unfortunately, for men with gynecomastia, the medical term for what we call “manboobs” or “moobs” for short, no amount of push-ups can tone their chests – but not all hope is lost.

    According to plastic surgeon Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona, gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes excessive breast enlargement among males. It is generally thought to be  a result of a hormonal imbalance; it may also be a symptom, of other conditions, including liver disease; kidney failure; testicular, pituitary and lung tumors; and drug use. Dr. Magallona noted, however, that for 20 or 30 percent of gynecomastia cases, the causes are unknown.

    He said that 70 percent of gynecomastia cases among adolescent males resolve on their own, as the male grows out of puberty. However, if the condition persists through adulthood, it can be a source of insecurity and psychological stress for men. Surgical correction – liposuction, glandular excision, mastectomy, or combinations – may be necessary.

    Dr. Magallona said that gynecomastia surgery done on men may be similar to the mastectomy done to women although more conservative in terms of surgical approach. The type of anesthesia done – general, sedation, or local – will depend on the patient’s comfort level. “Most patients prefer being put to sleep for maximal comfort and results,” he said.

    The patient has to be physically and psychologically fit for surgery. If the patient does not pass the health screening, then he may have to cancel or delay the procedure until he is fit enough.

    The surgery is an outpatient procedure. Most patients are up and about the day after the procedure. They are given pain killers and antibiotics during recovery. They also have to wear a chest garment for support until the wounds are fully healed. To prevent pulmonary complications, the patient must do mild physical activity especially breathing exercises but avoid anything strenuous.  Final results of the surgery are seen months after. For men who felt embarrassed by their manboobs, it’s definitely worth the wait!