• Medical Tourism in the Philippines

    The popularity of Medical Assistance especially Cosmetic Surgery increased dramatically in the Philippines. With the medical industry improving to world class standards, government encourages people from across the globe to visit the country for quality yet affordable medical care.

    Filipino doctors and nurses are known to be loving and caring. Even when checked overseas, they are the ones who are highly in demand for such traits. The doctors are also good English speakers.

    Patients will have no problem communicating. This will create closer relationship for more delightful medical care.

    Both Private and public hospitals have professional staff. The only difference is the equipment and the cost. Private hospitals have the latest medical technology with highest quality facilities which makes the patients feel like in five-star hotels. On the other hand, public hospitals are very resourceful with the facilities while the rate is cheaper. However, there are public hospitals that are well maintained and funded with qualities similar to the private ones.

    On the other hand, part of Medical Tourism is Medical Student Tourism. Foreigners not only come to the country for medical assistance but also for education.  Many universities in the country are currently accepting and exchanging foreign students. Most of them are studying Nursing, Dentistry and Medicine for less cost without compromising quality education.

    Patients can also visit world’s top tourist destination after their medical operation.

    We at Philippine Cosmetic Plastic Surgery have the top experts from Philippines’ top surgeons.