• Mole Removal : No More Unwanted Beauty Marks

    What’s funny about moles is that they are like opinions – almost everyone has one. It’ll probably bother you if you find a person that does not have mole on his body since it’s pretty normal to have 10 to 40 moles on your skin.

    While these beauty marks can be considered attractive, some people find them bothersome. They can get in the way of shaving, can get irritated when rubbed against clothing or jewelry, and even make a person get teased.

    There are many ways that a mole can look like – from the usual black or brown dot to irregular-shaped mark to even a hairy one. They are typically harmless except for those that are positive of cancer. With the procedures available to remove them, people can improve their appearance and reduce associated health risks.

    mole removal

    The Process of Mole Removal

    A cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist can safely remove a mole after a few evaluations to make sure that you are prepared. A biopsy may also be done where a small tissue sample is taken to test for cancer. Either of these procedures can be used in the surgery:

    ·         Excision with cauterization

    This process makes use of scalpel to shave a mole down to skin level or just below it. Once bleeding starts, the doctor will stop it using an electrical instrument or cauterize the affected are with solution.

    ·         Surgical excision

    The entire mole will be cut out which will lead to slightly deeper cut than the first method. Stitching will be done to close the wound.

    Should I Be Worried About My Moles?

    The vast majority of moles are not dangerous. But if you’re worried that yours are cancerous, take special notice of them especially those that are usually exposed to the sun. Do they look different than when you usually saw them a couple of decades ago?  If there are any changes in a mole’s color, height, size or shape, better have a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon evaluate them. If your moles are bleeding, oozing, itchy or tender, better have experts check on them.

    Of course, cancerous moles are rare so there is no reason to be that worried. But if you want them removed for other purpose, cosmetic surgery from a trusted surgeon in the Philippines is always ready available.