• Philippine cosmetic surgery for him

    It is no longer a surprise nowadays that many people around the globe undergo different cosmetic surgeries.

    Since its popularity increases since 1990’s, its present market grows faster than it was never imagined. Advertisements continuously convince everyone to reshape and revamp their faces and bodies though different breakthrough of modern medicine. It became the usual thing for those who wanted to look good.

    Initially, self conscious women are the usual costumers of this medical procedure. However, as the call for fighting aging became a trend, men started to become curious about this stuff. Cosmetic surgery became one of their options to improve their self next to body building. Philippine cosmetic surgery, specifically, was swayed by this trend and became competitive when it comes to its technology.

    Men in the country have different reasons why they wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery, even though it is very unusual for a man.  Philippine cosmetic surgeons said that men think that the procedure is their way to improve their selves, to correct physical imperfections, to gain additional points for those careers that require them to have pleasing personality, and lastly, to attract the opposite sex.

    According to a 2010 Medical Research and survey conducted by group of professionals for cosmetic medical surgery, an increase of 14% in Asian male undergo cosmetic surgery procedure since 2009. A clear sign that there is really an increase on number of men who really get involved on cosmetic surgery and the top procedures are on the list:

    1)     FACELIFT – Growing up is cool but getting old with too much wrinkles on your face is not good. It makes you less popular among the girls, which is quite sad. So what we can do about it? Facelift cosmetic surgery is a simple solution to end up those face wrinkles. Men undergo on this kind of surgery to hide all the evidences of aging, to feel good by looking young.


    2)     LIPOSUCTION – Being a fat guy sometimes gives you a ticket to be turned down by a girl. It is a fact that most females like guys with slim body and it is also a fact that it is hard to get that kind of body unless you are ready to invest your time in a gym in a daily basis, almost. If not, liposuction is there to remove those excess fats in your body


    3)     BREAST REDUCTION – Based on a survey conducted by a famous Male Magazine in the Philippines. The most and the best common “turn off” for females with regards on a man’s physical appearance is having this so called “man boobs” . We all know that having these little fat deposits on your chest is quite awkward that’s why some males undergo breast reduction to regain their confidence and to feel better.


    4)     LASER HAIR REMOVAL  – Mustached and beards are signs of manhood but some males most especially those who called themselves as metrosexuals do want to have these extra hairs on their bodies that’s why laser hair removal became so popular not only for females but also for those self conscious males.


    5)     HAIR TRANSPLANT – As we grow old, this tragic massive hair fall results to hair loss is a condition common to male. This sign of aging is somewhat inevitable but it can be lessen through cosmetic surgery.