• Plastic Surgery: The Newest Addition to the Mother-and-Daughter Bonding Activities

    Mothers’ Day is fast approaching! Have you thought about your bonding time with your mom yet? Well, most mothers and daughters can go from relaxation time at the spa to shopping sprees at the local mall, going out of town, or watching a movie together either at home or in cinemas.

    Then there are some mothers and daughters who have added undergoing plastic surgery together to their list of bonding activities.

    Mother and Daughter love

    A New Bonding Time Trend

    Featured in Good Morning America last 2012 were 65-year-old Lynda, who had a neck tuck and cheek fillers, and 38-year-old Stefanie who went for a breast lift and a tummy tuck. Their surgeon, Dr. Peter Fodor, has said that the mother-daughter approach will be great for his business. This was then supported by the American Academy of Facial, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery when they released a report back in 2005, saying that there has been a significant increase in the number of people undergoing surgery with a partner. One advantage of this over individual surgeries is the fact that the pair have each other as their support system.

    Mother-Daughter Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

    Meanwhile, with the continuous increase in the competitiveness of the businesses in the market, and at the same time the constant development of technology, it might not be long until the cosmetic surgery industry in the Philippines adopts the said strategy. In addition to this, because most of the youth today are determined to preserve their youthfulness, the mother and daughter plastic surgery may even become a trend within a very short period of time.

    Let’s face it: we are in the era of “instant results”. Most of the time, people are not patient enough to work for something and wait for it to pay off; rather, they choose to invest on things which can give them what they need without  even having to break a sweat. This, then, is exactly what plastic surgery offers. They get the help of a certified Philippine plastic surgeon and have those extra fats removed or those buttocks lifted in no time.

    By the time that our country is ready for such operation, will you consider it as a bonding activity for you and your mom on Mother’s Day?