• Rhinoplasty, Philippine cosmetic surgeons’ forte

    One of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the Philippines today is Rhinoplasty or better known as the Nose Job. This focuses on reshaping the patient’s nose and makes it more desirable to other people’s eyes. Someone said that the reason behind it is that many Filipinos saw that the only way to enhance their physical features, particularly with their facial features, is to enhance their noses.

    A typical Filipino possesses a low-bridged nose. They tend to look up with those western physical attributes and as a result, they deliberately copy the looks of these western people thinking that it will improve their physical appearances.

    Many believe that it is because of our western ideology, it sets our mind that a pointed tall nose of American or Spanish is the Ideal shape of the nose. For this reason a great number of Philippine cosmetic surgeries in the country are indulged in Rhinoplasty procedure.

    Rhinoplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery which involves the enhancement of a person’s nose to improve their aesthetic features. Although it was first used as a reconstructive surgery, it now became a popular cosmetic surgery which had reached the Asian market, particularly in the Philippines in which Rhinoplasty is considered as one of their specialists’ expertise.

    According to many medical experts, particularly those from the Philippines, most Asians who undergo a nose job usually want a nose with a high bridge, which is opposite to most western Rhinoplasties that conduct reduction and reshaping of nose. Because of this, Rhinoplasties in the Philippines, as well as in other Asian countries, are known to involve a number of implants to augment or elevate the nose.

    For Pinoys, the common Rhinoplasty simply elevates our noses. This type of Rhinoplasty is called Gore-tex Rhinoplasty. Many Philippine Cosmetic Surgeons take opportunity on this procedure because lots of Filipino are really serious on paying a good amount of money just to have a Tom Cruise’s or Julia Roberts’s nose.

    In addition to Gore-Tex, many Filipino Cosmetic Surgeons had also used a number of other materials such as Silicone, and Med-Por. However, many advanced Rhinoplasties had also used autologous graft tissues such as septum cartilage, costal or rib cartilage, as well as the auricular or ear cartilage for augmentation which will significantly reduce the risk of complications such as infection and extrusion.