• Rhinoplasty

    Nose Lift


    Though you might not have heard of it, a noselift is a common rhinoplasty procedure that involves implanting an artificial piece of cartilage into the tip of the nose. For those with a droopy nose, or a nose with an undefined tip, it can be a great procedure to look into—and, if you look into it, the before and after pictures are nothing short of amazing. A simple noselift can work wonders for anyone lacking confidence in their appearance, and it’s a great alternative to more intensive procedures.


    Ideal candidates for Nose Lift Surgery


    Any and all patients looking into rhinoplasty should first consult with their personal physician, but a noselift can be a viable option for anyone. Of course, there are dramatic before and after results—but even a subtle change can be worthwhile. So, anyone looking to get the most out of their facial appearance is a great candidate for augmentation rhinoplasty.


    Possible risks and complications


    With that being said, there are a few risks and complications every patient should keep in mind while moving forward with the procedure. With rhinoplasty, bruising and swelling will always happen—and it’s something you should expect to deal with while recovering. Next, rhinoplasty can impact the way you breathe—and it’s something you should consider talking about with your surgeon as well.


    The Procedure


    As we said before, the procedure consists of the surgeon implanting an artificial piece of cartilage into the tip of the patient’s nose. Once properly in place, any incisions are taken care of, and the short procedure is over.


    The Recovery Process and Your New Look


    Recovery time with something like a nose lift isn’t terribly long. While a full recovery time can take months, you’ll feel back to normal in matter of weeks—and the final results of the procedure will be clear in a few weeks as well.

    As the swelling and soreness goes away, the new build of your nose will become clearer and clearer—and that’s what makes the recovery time worthwhile.