• Shopping for a Wardrobe after Breast Augmentation Surgery

    No matter what your reason is for having a breast augmentation surgery, a part of you would always wish that it would lead you to your desired body. Now that you’ve finally reached it, another step of making you look more beautiful is finding clothes that would enhance your appearance.

    Here are some guidelines on how to shop for a new wardrobe after your breast augmentation surgery:

    Consult with your surgeon first

    Yep, getting an expert’s advice is definitely a must. Patients experience post-operative swelling for four to six weeks and your enhanced breasts are still waiting for its “final position” during the first few months after your surgery, so it is advisable not to automatically go to a shopping spree.

    doc mags - wardrobe after breast augmentation

    The “wonder bra”

    As mentioned above, you may experience swelling so during these times, what is recommended to not shop many clothes at once, rather prioritize a few “transitional” bras and garment that would not interfere with the proper settling of the implants. After this period, it is prudent to consider that your bra and bust size is definitely different before. Shop for supportive bras that are not too constricting, and look for clothing that would prevent back strain, red marks, and falling straps for your comfort and convenience.

    Determine your body type

    Of course, you would only want clothes that would flatter your new figure. Remember that it’s not just your breast that changed but as well as your body type. Some of your shirts or dresses may no longer flatter you or may be too fit or loose. So what else to do here? Research on which clothes complement you, or drag your friends for a shopping spree!

    Have fun!

    Of course, with your desired figure finally in place, you can finally shop for the clothes you’ve wanted to wear but found to be not flattering to your figure before. So, ladies, don’t forget to have fun!

    For more information on what to do, or in this case buy, after your breast augmentation surgery, just consult your trusted plastic surgeon in the Philippines.