• Testimonial for Dr. Edwin Magallona from Osaka, Japan

    “Since I was a teenager, I developed the common condition of excess male breat tissue around the nipple area known as ‘gynecomastia‘. For years, this was a source of great embarrassment, preventing me from being able to wear the clothes I wanted, and also to take my shirt off in public. I had investigated the option of corrective plastic surgery for a while, but found it to be prohibitively expensive. One day, however, I came across Dr. Magallona on the Internet, who was offering the procedure at an affordable price. Although I was initially sceptical, I decided to contact him for more information. In the several correspondances that followed, I was immediately impressed with his warmth, professionalism and the clarity with which was able to answer my many questions and concerns. The anticipation of going to a foreign country for plastic surgery was of course extremely daunting. Dr. Magallona understood this well, and did everything he could to make my trip to the Philppines as smooth as possible by booking the hotel and a taxi from the airport for me. He also went out of his way to visit me in my hotel room every day, even though my stay was in the middle of the festive season. Meeting him directly confirmed my initial good first impressions. He is a shining example of a doctor with a perfect ‘bedside manner’. Upon examination a few days after performing an initial operation of liposuction and direct excision of breat tissue, it became apparent that more tissue had to be excised. Without hesitation, he confidentely sent me in for a second operation to ensure the results would be satisfactory. It is now four months later, and I am very pleased with the results. I am now able to wear any item of clothing that I wish, and no longer feel ashamed of my chest. I would like to thank Dr. Magallona for his competence, and would recommend him to anyone considering gynecomastia surgery. “