• Testimonial from Japan

    “I used to have an unusually large chest, commonly known as gynecomastia. It was extremely embarrassing. I couldn’t wear appropriately sized shirts, let alone take my shirt off in public! It was seriously affecting my confidence. In Winter, I was able to cover it up with a suit jacket and a thick coat. However, in Summer, due to the humidity here in Japan, I was unable to do this. So I began searching for a good place to get my chest fixed. I started off by using Google and I found Dr Magallona’s website, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon from the Philippines, along with another testimonial from Japan, coming from someone with a similar problem. So I sent him a message and found him to be very polite and friendly. After I sent him some photos, he gave me all the details about where I could stay, where the clinic was and how much it would cost, which was very reasonable. As soon as I was able to get the necessary time off work, I booked a ticket to Manila and a hotel room near his clinic. I also made an appointment with him for medical clearance and surgery.”

    “I was able to have the surgery the day after arriving in the Philippines. Dr. Magallona was very professional and reassured me that everything was going to be fine. He had a look at my chest and told me that it would only require liposuction, no glandular excision would be required. Hus bedside manner before and after surgery were excellent. After surgery, he made arrangements for me to be driven back to my hotel and he came back to visit me at my room the following day to inspect my chest, which was healing up well. The day that I was due to return to Japan, I went back to his clinic for a final check up and then headed straight to the airport bound for Japan. I can now wear shirts that are the right size and I no longer feel shy or concerned about it. Special thanks goes to Dr. Magallona and his team. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering surgery for gynecomastia.”