• Testimonial from the Philippines 3.2014

    “Totally satisfied and worth of the price.” – Arch Solano, March 22, 2014

    I have been planning the goretex Rhino since last year but because of the cost, it has been suspended. I have asked many clinics and also done so many research whether to have or not to have. My friends say that my nose is cute, it means little and no masculinity. Then one day I got stumbled with what clinic and found Doc Edwin’s Surgihub. I message him 3 weeks prior to my operation and got appointment in that week. Reservation paid the next week and on the week after my reservation was my surgery. Honestly the price is very cheap compared to other clinic and I have heard good things about him. The staff are pleasant and very friendly. Doc Edwin tells you what he knows and very professional about it. The day of my surgery, a lady who was of her 8th day from her Rhinoplasty, I can tell it’s goretex because of the angle. The nose job on her really looks perfect, looks natural and it gives perfect visage on her.

    After my surgery I felt so nauseous and feel depressed because I can’t go out. The next day when I woke up my face has swollen. The third day the swollen goes down and I don’t feel any pain on my nose even on the first day. On the fourth day, I know it’s already healed. The tip of my nose and the pointy before surgery was really not symmetrical, on the first and second day its becoming obvious but when the swollen gone down, I think it’s back to normal.

    I like the location because its along the non traffic area, very accessible and you won’t care if you are outside just after surgery. Totally satisfied and worth of the price.