• Testimonial from USA 01.2013

    Lyn, USA (January 2013)

    “After a thorough research online with several member of the PAPRAS plastic surgeons, I finally made a decision to give the job to Dr. E Magallona. I chose him because I felt that I can trust him. Dr. E Mags personal and educational background in addition to his extensive experience skills, I knew then that he is the man. That very special person, gifted and talented. I have nothing to say but good things about him. He has a fantastic personality, down to earth, positive and diplomatic.

    How was the result of my surgeries? For sure the bikini swimwear is on the top of my shopping list for summer!!! My self esteem and confidence is back. I’m perkier everyday and absolutely enjoying my new alluring eyes, slimmer upper arms and flat tummy! The transformation I had was a full tummy tuck, arms lipo and eyelid. It was a long 8 hours surgical procedure..Doc Mags and Dr G (anaesthesiologist) “impressive”! You guys are amazing! These procedures are done in the¬†Philippines? Yes! and it is safe! My experience from pre-op to post-op was superior. All together this success was completed with the assistance of Dr. E. Mags skilled, professional and friendly team players.

    It’s been more than two months since I had the surgery. I can now clearly express my sincere appreciation to each person who cared for me during and after my surgery. You guys did a wonderful job!!!So proud of you all, so proud to be a Filipino. Dr. G (anaesthesiologist), thank you so much for taking your time working on me for the pre-op consultation and the extra time you spent giving me advice on how to keep myself healthy and fit. I so admire you for going above and beyond your responsibilities. Leila, you’re a beautiful person! warm caring, and hard-working nurse. Joanna, thank you! keep up the good work.”