• Testimonials from New Mexico, USA

    “I am happy to provide you with comments regarding cosmetic surgery with Dr. Magallona. I think that he is a very competent doctor and has the skills to do procedures as you plan to have. I had cosmetic surgery with him in January’07. I interviewed him beforehand and was impressed with his confidence and knowhow. Every patient wants to get every assurance that his/her doctor is capable of doing the best for him/her. I felt every confidence of Dr. Magallona’s expertise after that interview with him and therefore asked to be scheduled for surgery. The surgery went well. The doctor gave specific instructions about home care and scheduled follow-ups. What amazed me was that I felt no pain at all post surgery. I healed as normally as expected. I had told the doctor before surgery that I did not want my facial skin to be too tight and taut after surgery… so tight that it would be a strain even to smile. The doctor achieved just that and it was an exciting day when bandages were removed and I saw the final product. Everything turned out just the way I wanted it to be and I am truly happy with the result. I think that it is really important that any prospective patient talk to the doctor, express concerns and be specific about what kind of result you want to have. Get answers and if the patient feels comfortable about the discussion, then go for it! Sincerely, Ester, New Mexico USAD ”