• Top 5 pre-surgery food picks that can greatly help in the healing process

    Preparing for your plastic surgery is challenging. With all the exercises that you should do and the medicines that you should avoid, surgery preparation could really be tough.

    Most of the procedures would require a patient to avoid food intake. Doctor’s frequent reminder would be, ‘eating should be the last thing on your mind’. But this isn’t always the case.

    There are still foods that can be eaten even before the procedure. Eating the five foods listed below before your surgery will surely help for faster recovery. They can be tagged as the healing foods because of the vitamins and nutrients present in it.

    Patients should hoard and fuel themselves of these food picks before the big day. Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain.


    Beets- The Healing Foods

    This root crop does not work for all—it is an acquired taste. This often overlooked vegetable actually bring tons of nutritional benefits including the amino acid l-glutamine which helps reduce  the healing time by improving the nitrogen balance in your body as well as lymphocyte recovery.


    Oyster- The healing food

    If you think that oysters are just for cocktails and parties, well, you might want to attend more! This delicious seafood is one of the best sources of zinc—a natural wound cure. Zinc also stimulates the immune system and helps to lower your stress levels. So before the big day, load up on this delicious delicacy.


    Pineapple- The healing food

    This juicy tropical fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme called Bromelain. It has been scientifically proven to both prevent and reduce swelling. Pineapples are also recommended to athletes who suffer injuries and to people who has arthritis. Most of all, it is beneficial for people who want to have plastic surgery.


    Beans- The healing food

    Bean is a good source of fiber which can help you prevent post-surgery constipation. It is also famous for its high protein content which keeps your blood sugar in check and your energy levels high. If you are diabetic and will go under the knife, make beans your new best friend.


    Spinach- The healing food

    Spinach is one of the most unnoticed vegetable in the aisle, but you might want to give it a second chance the next time you do your grocery routine because it’s one of the most valuable pre-surgery vegetable. It is loaded with vitamins A, B2, B6 and folate which help in post-surgery recovery. It is also plentiful in iron which boosts blood volume and shortens your recovery time.

    In the Philippines, it is hard to find all these “miracle foods” because it is imported from other countries and queit expensive too so not a lot of people can afford these. But if you are dead-set to have that surgery, it is best to consult your Philippine plastic surgeon first so that he can guide you with the do’s and don’ts with the whole process. What’s important is that your diet should consist of holistic servings of grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables.