• Top Five Skin Treatments for Men

    Gone are the days when women are the only ones seeking cosmetic treatments. These days, with corporate competition so stiff, more and more men who are over 50 are recognizing the benefits of cosmetic surgeries—particularly skin treatments.

    Studies show that younger men’s career are on the rise and while they may not have an older man’s experience, knowledge or energy, the fact is, they get the deal because of how they look. This is the reason which prompts seasoned professionals to try the five most popular skin treatments for men.

    Learn the to five most popular skin treatments for men. Photo courtesy of Google.


    Small amounts of botolinum toxin A is injected directly into muscles that lies just below a wrinkle. It paralyzes the muscle which allows it to relax so the surface of the skin looks smoother and younger-looking. Botox is one of the favorite not just amongst women but also in men because the effects are discreet and it has a very short down time. More so, it only take 20-30 minutes to inject Botox and it lasts up to six months.


    It uses a vacuum suction device together with mild chemical crystal formulation to rid the top layer of skin cells which allows for a new and evenly-textured skin to come out to the surface. It rejuvenates the complexion and eliminates ultrafine line and gives the skin a more youthful glow. One disadvantage though is that it takes multiple treatments and several weeks before you see the results. Its effects can last up to several months depending on the age and condition of your skin.

    Laser Hair Removal

    Simply put, this procedure removes hair from any area on your body by using laser. It takes as short as ten minutes to the procedure—but depending on how much hair has to be removed, it could take as long as an hour. Like microdermabrasion, it takes at least 4-8 treatments before all types of hair from your body will be totally removed. For some people, the treatment can last them a lifetime while for others, hair may grow back; but when it does, it’s usually lighter and easy to remove.

    Chemical Peels

    This uses various types of chemical to peel off damaged skin layers, surface lines and wrinkles. Men have the choice from simply refreshing the skin or deeper peels. Chemical peels are very good because it firms the skin, reduces wrinkling and improve skin texture. Recovery time depends on what kind of peel you had. Its effect varies from a few months to longer period of time, depending on what treatment you had.

    Laser Skin Rejuvenation

    It uses non-cutting laser beams to deliver short bursts of energy to the skin. It firms and tomes the skin by   collagen growth and improves texture and color and minimizes fine lines without the use of chemicals. One disadvantage though is that, you will be red for about an hour after the treatment.

    According to Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona, facial surgery in the Philippines is not limited to women these days. Men have the same choices as women when it comes to improving their skin. He reiterates though that to have the best results, interested clients should consult only a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.