• Two major procedures in Philippine cosmetic surgery

    cosmetic surgery for women

    One day, there are two ladies who are sharing their problems with one another. During the course of their conversation, their problem on their physical appearance becomes a topic. No one will think that these ladies do have problem with their physicality because they are the most admired women of the locality and everyone remarked them as beautiful and one of a kind.

    However, for these two it’s the other way around. They thought a lot about their flaws and shortcomings and focus more and become stress with their deficiencies.

    The other lady has a big problem on her belly which is likely to get even bigger as time goes by. She cannot anymore keep it because all of her clothes will not allow her anymore to cloak her stomach. On the other hand, the other one complains a lot with how small her breasts are. She is not comfortable with the idea of her having a very small pair because for her, big boobs will make women more fulfilled and feel more her sense of being a woman. Then the discussion goes on until they were both tired of complaining,

    The two women can be compared to Filipinas who do not have the contentment and because of them wanting to look good; they resort to all possibilities including cosmetic surgery with their most trusted Philippine cosmetic surgeon.

    While the problems that was presented in the conversation could be considered as the two major problems of Filipina when it comes to their physical appearance. As much as possible women want these two to be eliminated for them to feel the essence of being a woman. Philippine cosmetic surgery became in demand because of this occurring need, especially of the modern Filipina who are influenced by western thinking and culture.

    Body Fats are common components on person’s body. Experts says that these so called body fats are stored especially in stomach , legs , arms and chest and can be burn to convert as energy  to fuel us on our everyday activities. Sounds good right?? On the other hand most people gained too much Fat from excessive eating and bad lifestyle that’s why they end up with unwanted Fat deposits.  Losing those fats are very hard most especially if you don’t have time for physical exercise because your time is focus on some things that  you think are much important.

    However, Modern science provides procedure that can help qualified individuals who suffers too much fat deposit on their body. One of the most common is the Liposuction also known as lipoplasty (“fat modeling”) or simply Lipo.  A plastic surgery Engineered and improved since 1920’s, it became one of the most recognized Surgery in removing fats on Patients Body. It simply done by removing the excess fat using a Hollow Tube called Cannula and the Suction device itself or the aspirator. By literally suctioning away those excess fats, the patient starts losing some pound and gaining firmer body. On the other hand, these procedure is delicate that’s why a well trained and licensed Surgeons are only allowed to do the said process.

    Meanwhile, if you have breast implants, the American College of Radiology, the American Cancer Society, the American Society of Breast Imaging, and the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons recommend that you receive your breast examinations at a facility accredited by the American College of Radiology. Because they are capable of multiple, special views of the breasts, these facilities will be more equipped to make a proper evaluation than screening clinics, which often only screen using two basic views of the breast.

    In most cases, breast augmentation is elective cosmetic surgery and therefore insurance carriers will not cover the procedure or any necessary follow-up visits. It is possible that your premiums for future insurance coverage may increase. Additionally, insurance might not cover the procedure should you want your implants removed in the future. Therefore it is important to receive your doctor’s charges in writing.

    However, if you are having implants put in as part of reconstructive surgery, your insurance carrier may provide coverage. It’s very important that you find out well in advance what type of coverage your carrier may provide.