• Why do Philippine plastic surgeons choose to be in this field?

    There are many reasons why people choose to become a doctor and there are much more reasons why a doctor decides to become a surgeon. Different people have their own reasons, and the following are some of the more popular ones.

    Competitive Income

    Money is the common reason why we seek knowledge; invest time in the school and aim to become a professional surgeon. Here in the Philippines, Philippine plastic surgeons (and even those in cosmetics) tend to make a lot of money. This medical field enjoys lots of benefits. They can live in a very nice house, have all the luxurious car in the market, and acquire every investment that they might think.  Because they make so much money, they can be able to retire younger compare with those in the other fields.  Different kind of surgeons do have different ranges of salary depending on their specialization and their extra knowledge on other things but the sure thing is, their salary is relatively very high compared to those in the other fields.

    Great Job Security

    Like a common doctor, surgeons do have little population in the industry. The first sound reason is the difficulty to be one. You have to get into a program, go to school and complete the course. On the other hand, once you established yourself, you will no longer have to deal with unemployment problems because whether you like it or not, there are always opening for this kind of job. As long as you can perform a cosmetic surgery procedure you can always be in in the world of surgery.

    A Professional Way to Help People

    Many like the idea of helping others.  Many plastic surgeons, specifically, work with people who have been exposed in accidents and needed to undergo reconstructive surgery.  Many surgeons work with people who have been born with deformities to give them a chance to look a bit more normal if not totally.  There are others that can help people who have gone through a major surgery such as cancer patients.  But there are others who are just unhappy with the way that they look, that is why they usually undergo with a cosmetic surgery procedure. This can give them the look that they have always dreamed, will make them happier and will give them more confidence.

    Everybody Called You “DOCTOR”

    These people (well most of them) like to be called a doctor. They like the respect that they get and they feel that others really look up to them.

    Some people feel that being a plastic surgeon is not as stressful as some other specialization. Of course, things can go wrong, but most would find something like an emergency room doctor or a doctor telling people that they have cancer to be far more stressful.